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Recipe: Salsiccia e fagioli – DFG Style

Posted: 04 August 2011


Ahhh, what heaven – 2.5 weeks travelling around Italy.  I grazed all day, sipped wine when I fancied and of course, took in a few sights.  We spent the first half of trip on around the Amalfi Coast and on Capri which were simply stunning.  We then moved on, wandered around Florence and spent the last week in a fabulous Tuscan hideaway in the Chianti area.  It was during this last week that we got to spend some time in the local markets and supermarkets and try and recreate some of our favourite Italian dishes – we had a good go at pici cacio e pepe (a thick type of spaghetti with cheese and black pepper, simple but delicious), a great sausage-based pasta dish and we had caprese coming out of our ears!  One of our favourite discoveries (which arose from a rather empty fridge rather than a flash of inspiration) was Tuscan bread, with fig jam and Parma ham for breakfast.  Divine.  Our crowning glory however was our version of Salsiccia e fagioli - sausage and beans Italian style, kicks the ass of the Heinz in a tin variety J.  Unfortunately the picture I took doesn’t do it justice, but believe me it’s a fabulous dish and well worth a go - cheap and easy into the bargain as well.  Enjoy x


Salsiccia e fagioli – DFG Style
Salisiccia e fagioli - DFG Style

Number Served:



4 large Italian style sausage (fresh sausage, not salami style or anything like that)

½ bulb fennel, chopped

4 shallots – chopped

2 cloves garlic - chopped

Rosemary – 2 large twigs

1 tin cannellini beans (liquid reserved)

¾ tin chopped tomatoes


-  Fry the sausages in olive oil in a large frying pan, will take around 10 mins.

-  Once cooked remove sausages to a bowl and pour in excess oil, leaving enough in the pan to fry off the fennel and onions.

-   Fry fennel, garlic and onion on a low heat until soft, again this will take around 10 mins.  After a few minutes add in the rosemary.

-  Once cooked down, remove the rosemary and add the tomatoes and a splash of the reserved bean liquid to the mixture.  Cook down for a further 5 mins.

-  Add the beans, sausages and reserved oil to the mixture and cook through for 3-5 mins until hot.

-  Serve with crusty bread and a large glass of Chianti.