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Recipe: Lamb tray bake

Posted: 05 December 2010


What a week! With all this snow, I have to confess trawling round the stores to find delicious ingredients has not been at the top of my agenda. I have yet to dislodge Beyonce (my big ass Megane) from her parking space in the garden, so all our shopping for the last week has been done on foot, and the selection is not vast. Anyway, I did get Nigella’s new ‘Kitchen’ cookbook for my birthday recently and in trawling through this, my man came up with a delicious lamb tray bake recipe. The ingredients are quite simple and were sourced easily from the surrounding shops.

My sister recently sent me another Nigella tray bake recipe, and I’m just loving the simplicity. Very little preparation, so perfect for those days where you’re busy and don’t fancy spending an hour in the kitchen. Also perfect for the current Saturday night TV schedule - 10/15 minutes prep, sit back with a glass of wine during Strictly and then dinner’s ready for X Factor. Heaven!

Number Served:



12 chunkily cut lamb chops or lamb loin chops or cutlets (we had 6 chops btwn 2 and it was perfect)
3 baking potatoes or 650g other (my man used baby spuds and they were fab)
3 x 15ml tbspns garlic oil (I didn’t have any as such, just bruised a couple of cloves and let them sit in the oil a while)
2 tspns dried mint
1 tspn dried chilli flakes
2 tspns sea salt flakes (or 1 tspn pouring salt)
2 lemons
Small handful parsley or generous sprinkling dill, or mixture (note: the dill rocks!)


- Pre heat oven to 200c/gas mark 6. Put the lamb chops into a shallow roasting tin.
- Wash, but don’t peel the potatoes. Cut into 2.5cm dice and throw in around lamb.
- Drizzle oil over, and sprinkle with dried mint, chilli flakes and salt.
- Zest 1 lemon over the roasting tin, then juice both lemons and pour in juice.
- Cook in over for 1 hour, no need to turn or cover. Can leave for 1.5hrs if you fancy, and if the chops look like they can take it.
- Sprinkle with chopped herbs, and serve.
- Recommend green beans and some crusty bread to soak up the lemony juices.

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