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09/10/ 2011 Indulgent trip to Easons......

Having dropped off my lovely man at the airport for a 3 week stint in Chicago, I headed up The Pavillions, Swords, to cheer myself up by browsing through some cookery books. This is what ended up in my basket:

1) no room for mushrooms (€10)

A great little charity book, with over 70 recipes all provided by Irish cookery schools - the only rule - no mushrooms in any recipe.  I have nothing against mushrooms, but hey what's the harm?  The book costs €10 and all proceeds go to The Children's Medical & Research Foundation, Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin - good enough reason for me.  The recipes are broad and seem quite practical - looking forward to trying out the slow-cooked lamb shanks with junier berries and red wine.

2) French women don't get fat - Mireille Guiliano (€9)

An oldie I know, but a book I never quite got around to.  I've read the introduction so far, and my gut feeling so far is that I'm happy to take any tips I can from a woman who has to eat out in restaurants over 300 times per year and still manages to stay slim!

3) Comfort and spice - Niamh Shields (€20)

Cook book from a London-based Irish food blogger.   I'm a sucker for nice looking/feeling books and this ticked those boxes, it's a very tactile book.  On initial review there are definitely some things in here I know I'm never going to cook - flower salad, made using (amongst other ingredients) 12 pansies.  But the things I won't cook are defo outweighed by those I hope to - Venison with blackberry and balsamic sauce, cannellini bean dip with chorizo on sticks and a fab sounding prawn curry which I intend to put through a cook off with my Dad's prawn curry!

4) Soups - Women's weekly (€4)

Winter's coming, do I need to say more?

I also spent some time browing through Adria Ferran's The Family Meal cookbook, and was quite tempted.  The set out looks interesting, every 10 pages or so he sets out a 3 course meal, and then those 10 pages are devoted to detailed time maps, demonstration photographs etc for that particular meal.  Doesn't look tooooo complex either, which would be my concern.  Couldn't quite convince myself to purchase though - will dig out some reviews first I think.

Feeling much better about the up coming 3 long and lonely weeks now. ;o)