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24/10/ 2010 Spanish sunshine and snacks

Dublin Food Girl is on her holidays this weekend, just a few cheeky extra days in Spain with my folks to make the most of the bank holiday.  My parents have been living over here for a while now, and I just wanted to share a favourite Spanish snack that I have discovered.....  I'm almost ashamed to say that it doesn't really make the most of all of the fantastic Spanish produce over here, but it does make good use of one of my guilty pleasures (yes Dublin Food Girl is an X-Factor fan as well!) - Crisps!  The crips that we use over here are the huge see through bags of very plain crisps - think they have a little salt on them.  I think that maybe Kettle Chips or other artisan type crisps would work just as well.  Take a bag of these crisps and spread them over a large tray/plate, something where they won't be piled too high on top of each other.  Get your pepper mill out and, being generous, grind pepper all over.  Take a lemon, cut it in half and squeeze the juice of one half all over the crisps till they have a nice coverage.  That's it! Once you get  stuck in you might find that you want to squeeze some more out of the lemon, or use the other half of the lemon, to make sure they are all nice and zingy.  Enjoy with a nice glass of vino blanco, some olives, chorizo etc.  Great for a mid afternoon or pre-dinner snack.... Yum.